Terms and Conditions

You HAVE TO sign up first to get access to the warehouse  

Placing an order  - Simply browse through our warehouse and pick any product you would like to sell to your customers. At the end of your shopping click the word Basket - right top corner

Review your basket and if you are happy with it click Send order. 

If you feel we should know something about the order you can't specify at the website please send us an email to info@czech-house-wholesale.com . 

What to expect next - We will review your order , if there will be any uncertainties in your order we will contact you.Then we will email you an invoice for the products you order. After you made the full payment we will arrange to pack the products. In some cases we may wait a little if some items are out of stock. Will let you know the proximity of delivery of the order. At this time it is 1-2 weeks. From the date of your payment. All orders at this time are shipped directly from United Kingdom or Czech Republic to your registered / delivery address . 

Product description and color - reminder that ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE HAND PAINTED. The item you will receive may be with little difference of the one pictured here at our website. Also digital photography usually display slightly different shade of the original real item . And your monitor may also have difference of displaying of colors.

Please keep that in mind .

Minimum order acceptance - The minimum order we take in should be in the value of £350,- include VAT 

Anyone can run a business and we like to protect the one who is serious about it . This is THE only reason why we set up minimum order. 

The price of products at this website is inclusive of VAT 20%

Please check https://www.royalmail.com/price-finder for price of shipping 

Shipping - £20,- per package up to 10kg for continental UK£30,- for  North Ireland and Ireland and for Iceland currently starts from £150,- and up.  France £25,-. 

Delivery time - in most cases is up to 2 weeks. We will let you know more accurate time after we review your order 

Communication - At this time we communicate strictly through emails only. English is not our mother language - to avoid any future confusion due the "lost in translation" 

Cookies - We love cookies for snack or with a tea. Here at the website we do NOT use them

Personal information - Since this is WHOLESALE ONLY you already know what kind of information we do collect .

Bank information - You will receive an invoice to pay for your order. There is NO online transaction at this website. We do NOT collect ANY information about your bank or card.

Governing Law - We are based and operate in United Kingdom. In a case of dispute we will be acting according to UK law.

Damage of product - In same cases you may receive damaged item. For example  it happens with flowers when the glass part leave the wire. This is due high vibration during transport. We consider it as natural cause which we have no control of. If that happen when some leaves or petals fell off simply rearrange the rest of the flower in the same way as you would do with life flowers. See in " Damaged Item " pictures for guidance what we do or do not accept as damaged item.

Damaged product - please visit our retail website at www.czech-house.com  to see what we accept or not as damaged product.

Returns and Refunds Policy - As soon as you will receive your parcel, examine it - is it  damaged? And report it to the delivery personnel immediately. Please when you receive your order be very CAREFUL when opening the package. Keep in mind it is Glass Made Figurine, Flower or any other glass made item. Through the years we developed safe way of shipping fragile items. Unfortunately we do NOT have control over the delivery companies. Let us know immediately if there is any damage to your order. Ideally you may take a picture of it . Contact us within 1 - 2 days from delivery.